Sunday, July 16, 2017

Marvelous Items (Wasted Hack Update)

Marvelous Items are the Wasted Hack equivalent of "magic items", and come in several varieties.
To the left is the illustration for a Mutagen Canister.  Mutagens have various effects (similar to powerful potions) up to, and including, greatly increasing the chance for a character to develop a beneficial mutation. Infected Class characters that use this particular type of mutagen (MTG-4TM) will gain a new mutation automatically.

Characters can also discover schematics that can be taken to a Sage to be interpreted and crafted.  The ( +David Johnston +David Johnston ) Johnston Submachine gun featured to left is the product of one such schematic.  It combines two SMGs into one more powerful weapon.

Relics are another category of Marvelous Items.  Relics are extra-dimensional in nature, and were pulled through rifts in dimensional barriers during the End Times War, along with all manner of terrifying beasts.  The "Third Eye" relic to the left embeds in a character's forehead, granting them a permanent +1 bonus to a randomly determined attribute. They can be removed from defeated foes, but a character can only every have one "equipped" at a time.

Future-Tech items are also among the Marvelous Items characters can discover while crawling through the rubble of the Great Ruined World.
The Laser Pistol to the left requires an energy cell for ammo, and can be overcharged to deal an extra die of class damage at the risk of shorting the gun out and requiring its repair by a Sage. Other Future-Tech items, such as the Phase-Belt, allow the character to mimic spell effects, such as teleportation, at the cost of an entire energy cell.

"Lost Marvels" are the final category of Marvelous Items, and represent the pinnacle of normal technology at the time the world fell apart.  These would include powerful sniper rifles that can take an enemy out in a single shot. suppressors for firearms, and night vision goggles.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Corner Painting

By making and releasing Waste-Land Beasts and How to Kill Them before I completed putting together The Wasted Hack, I sort of painted myself in a corner, as least as far as monsters are concerned.  My Initial thought was to just pull down Wasted Beasts and fold all those monsters into the Wasted Hack rules, as there are a lot of "standard" monsters that I would have liked to have included with the "core" rules.  The biggest problem with this is that The Wasted Hack was already becoming gigantic, and in need of some serious editing without adding 20+ pages.

The solution is far simpler... Just create some more monsters.
This little creep to the left has been included in The Wasted Hack as the token "One Hit Dice" monster.

"Muties" are weaker versions of Mutants. These runts are run out of Mutant enclaves and band together in the wastes out of desperation.  They are particularly hateful and bitter, and use pack attacks to extract their revenge on everything they meet.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Beast Hunter Class Illo WIP

Beast Hunter WIP...An extra class included included in the revamped version of WasteLand Beasts.  This is the last item to complete before updating the PDF on OBS.

Taking my sketches into Illustrator and "inking" them is a slow and often painful process, but it is the style I wanted to go with for the books so I am committed/ obligated to finish rendering them this way.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

One Page Dungeon Contest 2017 wrapping up

The 2017 One Page Dungeon Contest is wrapping up, and being the organizer has consumed all of my free time for the past month or two.

The PDF edition of the compendium is complete, and available via OneBookShelf.

I will be compiling a print edition and making it availble but also resuming work on The Wasted Hack in the coming week.