Thursday, November 17, 2016

Cult of the Fallen Star "Vigilance" (Black Hack)

The town of Vigilance is overseen by Haldemous Greyfish, a minor noble who has ceded much of his power and responsibility to others. Prisoners are brought in to serve their sentences in nearby mining pits, and iron, gemstones, and precious metals are exported. The prisoners are overseen by The Watch, a regiment of royal guards, and two independent mining companies.

The town is often enveloped in heavy, soot laden fog courtesy of the nearby "burning mountain" and the bloomeries in the South end used in smelting.

Low Town:
The adventuring party will likely spend a great deal of time in Low Town. There are fewer guards, lodging is cheap and prices in general are low compared to other sections of town.

To the left, a partial list of daytime random encounters in Low Town can be seen.  Numbers 4-9 are intentionally left blank.

Any suggestions for Low Town residents to fill these spaces?

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Coming Soon

I have been working on converting all of my notes/ concepts from"Cult of the Fallen Star" for use with The Black Hack.

The adventure is geared towards first or second level characters, with the possibility of leveling up more than once, as well as the potential for greater depths to explore in a possible follow-up adventure.

I have posted about this adventure in the past, and even have another blog named after the adventure, but I am trying to keep everything in one place (here) going forward.

I will continue to post updates/ stats/ etc, as I am working on the adventure.

The Bastard (Black Hack) VI

The Bastard

((Black Hack Variant))

The Bastard quickly rose through the ranks of the guard and embraced the moniker once given to him as an insult. As the Captain of the Guard, the Bastard truly lives up to his name, and adventurers would do well to avoid him if at all possible.

The Bastard has elevated the members of the guard, once viewed as little more than thugs who lacked the intelligence to learn a trade, to one of the most feared, powerful, and privileged groups within the town.

While the town guard have no jurisdiction over the prison mines, the Bastard has the authority to sentence "lawbreakers", and many innocents have died in the mines for a perceived slight, or for a handful of coin.

-------Open Game Content-------

The Bastard (Warrior Level 7)

HP: 43 | AP: 5 (Studded Leather)
STR: 15, DEX 12. CON 12. INT 14, WIS 11, CHA 13
Special Features:

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Fungoid (Black Hack Conversion) V

Clip Studio Paint (Manga Studio) sketch
with Frenden concept brushes

Fungoid (Delver)

((Black Hack Variant))

When the star ship filled with Ta'ak and other hostile alien beings was summoned into the atmosphere, it plummeted into the Mountain now dubbed "Eversmolder". An ancient series of tunnels and chambers beneath the mountain's surface collapsed during the impact, engulfing the wreckage.

While few know the true origin of the "meteor" that pummeled the mountainside, the mountain itself has long been the stuff of horrific legends, and a constant source of fear and evil.

Many fell creatures have been drawn to the mountain, and the wreckage, and the fungoid population, once decimated by the cataclysm has begun to spread beneath the surface.

Fungoid Delvers venture far from germinating caverns, often collecting relics and oddities.

-------Open Game Content-------
HD:1 (4) | Specials and Abilities: Spore Spray: CON test or Unconscious./ Can see in total darkeness

Automaton (Black Hack Conversion) IV

Clip Studio Paint sketch using Symmetrical
Ruler and Frenden Concept/ Painterly brushes.

Automaton (Repurposed Corpse)

((Black Hack Variant))

While the Ta'ak certainly have fully mechanical automatons at their disposal, it is often more useful to re-purpose fallen enemies whose physiology has been selected for in a given environment.  These undead automatons are typically more capable of navigating the terrain of their own home worlds, and their very presence is demoralizing to resistance efforts.

The interface is not capable of allowing Ta'ak engineers (tinkers) to issue complex commands, nor are Repurposed Automatons capable of using ranged weapons or devices. They are vicious melee combatants, and will fight until destroyed.

-------Open Game Content-------

Monday, November 14, 2016

Cult of the Fallen Star Conversion (Black Hack) III

"Ta'ak Warrior" Clip Studio Paint sketch |
Illustrator Pen/ Live Paint/ Knife Tool


((Black Hack Variant))

The depths of Mount Eversmolder are teeming with Ta'ak. While it may be helpful to think of them as "space orcs", the dark truth is that no Ta'ak survived the impact of their star-craft with the mountain. Ta'ak reproduce through the transmogrification of other species. 

Cultists have entered the shattered mountain, and a new generation of Ta'ak threatens to emerge.

-------Open Game Content-------

Cult of the Fallen Star Conversion (Black Hack) II

"SLAHG" Clip Studio Paint sketch |
Pen/ Live Paint/ Knife Tool in Illustrator
Stunted and blighted beasts roam the ash covered foot hills of the dreaded mountain EverSmolder", fiercely competing over scarce resources. Wilderness travel is a perilous, but perhaps the greatest threat that awaits the adventuring party is the waste dragon.


((Black Hack Variant))

-------Open Game Content-------

HD: 4 (28) | Actions and Specials: 2 claws (1d6) + 1 bite (1d8), Breathes fire - d4 nearby targets (2d6).


Death From Above

He will breathe fire on the party as his opening attack, while flying safely above melee weapon range. If it appears he has wounded the party, he will land and engage in melee combat. If Slahg loses one half of his health, he will take to the skies, and fly out of sight, only to be encountered again if rolled as a random wilderness encounter again, recovering 1d6 HP each day that passes between encounters.

Cult of the Fallen Star Conversion (Black Hack)

Clip Studio Paint sketch | Pen tool/ Live Paint/
Knife tool in Illustrator | Frenden Wash brush

Ta'akese Wand

((Black Hack Variant))

"A metallic object with a trigger similar to a crossbow, but lacking a lathe or any obvious means of propelling a bolt...Perhaps it is some manner of wand?"

-------OPEN GAME CONTENT-------
This futuristic side arm is dependent upon a remote power source. While within Distant range of the power source, the "wand" can be used to fire a pulse of energy every turn without a need for "ammo" Usage Die checks. If the "wand" is not within Distant range of a power source, it simply will not function.