Monday, November 14, 2016

Cult of the Fallen Star Conversion (Black Hack) II

"SLAHG" Clip Studio Paint sketch |
Pen/ Live Paint/ Knife Tool in Illustrator
Stunted and blighted beasts roam the ash covered foot hills of the dreaded mountain EverSmolder", fiercely competing over scarce resources. Wilderness travel is a perilous, but perhaps the greatest threat that awaits the adventuring party is the waste dragon.


((Black Hack Variant))

-------Open Game Content-------

HD: 4 (28) | Actions and Specials: 2 claws (1d6) + 1 bite (1d8), Breathes fire - d4 nearby targets (2d6).


Death From Above

He will breathe fire on the party as his opening attack, while flying safely above melee weapon range. If it appears he has wounded the party, he will land and engage in melee combat. If Slahg loses one half of his health, he will take to the skies, and fly out of sight, only to be encountered again if rolled as a random wilderness encounter again, recovering 1d6 HP each day that passes between encounters.

Its not the fall...

If the dragon hits a single opponent with a both claw attacks, he may opt to move vertically (fly straight up) as the movement portion of his action. If the character escapes his grasp (a strength of dexterity test with disadvantage) or inflicts damage to the dragon, he will drop them from this height, otherwise he will continue to fly upward before dropping the character (Out of Action or outright killed depending on the height/ terrain below). 

-------End of Open Game Content-------

Like other fell beasts, Slahg has been drawn to the mountain. He is fearful of EverSlumber, the long absent dragon, and will not enter the mountain ruins. 

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