Monday, November 14, 2016

Cult of the Fallen Star Conversion (Black Hack) III

"Ta'ak Warrior" Clip Studio Paint sketch |
Illustrator Pen/ Live Paint/ Knife Tool


((Black Hack Variant))

The depths of Mount Eversmolder are teeming with Ta'ak. While it may be helpful to think of them as "space orcs", the dark truth is that no Ta'ak survived the impact of their star-craft with the mountain. Ta'ak reproduce through the transmogrification of other species. 

Cultists have entered the shattered mountain, and a new generation of Ta'ak threatens to emerge.

-------Open Game Content-------

Warrior (Trooper)
HD: 3 (12) | Actions and Specials: +1 Damage to melee attacks

Ranger (Sharpshooter)
HD: 2 (8) | Actions and Specials:  Dex tests to avoid damage from a Ranger's attack are at Disadvantage.

Tinker (Engineer)
HD: 2 (8) | Actions and Specials: Remotely control automatons/ turrets/ mechanized doors within the ruins of the star-ship. 

Shaman (Martyr) 
HD: 1 (4) | Actions and Specials: Explode- d4 close targets (2d6)

-------End Open Game Content-------

Ta'ak Warriors are often "armed to the teeth", with energy rifles, side arms, chitinous plate armor, and a wide variety of heavy melee weaponry.

Rangers tend to be slighter of frame than warriors, and excel in ranged combat.

Tinkers wield side arms and gauntlets that allow them to interface with mechanisms within the portions of the star ship that are still intact, or have access to power. a Tinker must spend an action to engage a defensive mechanism, close access points, or issue a directive to an automaton.

Shaman have become corrupted by another invasive species that occupy the corridors of the ruined star ship. These nearly ethereal creatures amplify energy, and have been slowly leeching from the ships ruined power core.  Shaman are the slightest Ta'ak, and are often held in stasis only to be released as living weapons.   

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