Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Automaton (Black Hack Conversion) IV

Clip Studio Paint sketch using Symmetrical
Ruler and Frenden Concept/ Painterly brushes.

Automaton (Repurposed Corpse)

((Black Hack Variant))

While the Ta'ak certainly have fully mechanical automatons at their disposal, it is often more useful to re-purpose fallen enemies whose physiology has been selected for in a given environment.  These undead automatons are typically more capable of navigating the terrain of their own home worlds, and their very presence is demoralizing to resistance efforts.

The interface is not capable of allowing Ta'ak engineers (tinkers) to issue complex commands, nor are Repurposed Automatons capable of using ranged weapons or devices. They are vicious melee combatants, and will fight until destroyed.

-------Open Game Content-------

Automaton (Fully Mechanical)
HD: 3 (12) | Specials and Abilities: Double armor points (4), All Dex tests to avoid detection rolled at disadvantage. | Immune to biological and mental attacks/ hazards. | Vulnerable (2x damage) to electrical attacks.

Automaton (Repurposed Corpse)
HD 2 (8) | Specials and Abilities: 2 claws (1d3) | Immune to Fear or Charm effects.

-------End Open Game Content-------

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