Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Miserable Wrecking Wreckers Monster Cards and More.

Miserable Wrecking Wreckers has been released,

and contains all the creeps I have previously posted about, and several more for a grand total of 20 Named foes to use against your players! The "Lowlife" character class is also there in all its miserable glory, and is something of a "loveletter" to that/those player(s) in your group that love to mess with everyone else around the table.  

Four playable species are also included, and are not treated as classes, but rather modifiers to classes, so that you can play a Ratling Scavenger, or perhaps a Mongrel Savage.

Mongrels have been in the game since, well since the beginning considering Waste-Land Beasts came out first. They are the dog-folk of the Great Ruined World. As monsters they travel in packs and hunt survivors, but "Wrecker" integrates more intelligent, civilized versions into human society across the Great Ruined World.  First level Mongrels must choose the "Good Dog" Advanced Special during creation (as opposed to any class or other Mongrel Advanced Specials).  "Good Dog" adjusts some of the stats and gives the Mongrel a bonus to unarmed attack damage for natural weapons (claw/bite).

Ravens have also been around since the beginning, and now they are also playable.  Character versions are a flightless variety, as their brains are no longer specialized for flight and are more human like in structure and function.  This is not to say that Ravens cannot gain special abilities that allow them to glide, or even "fly" short distances.  Ravens must take the "Rare Bird" Advanced Special upon creation.

Ratlings have always existed among humans, often relegated to menial tasks and the lowest rungs of society. Now they can be played, and have access to special abilities that reflect their species.  Ratlings must take the "Dirty Rat" Advanced Special at character creation

Gatos are new to Miserable Wrecker Wreckers, and represent the Cat-Folk that live among humans.  Similar to the other three species, their special abilities represent a mix of idioms and feline characteristics. Gatos must choose the "Bad Kitty" Advanced Special during character creation.

The species can be mixed with any class except Infected, So a Ratling Lowlife, Mongrel Beast Hunter, Gato Savage, or Raven Veteran are all now possible. 

The book also introduces a few new Modifiers, some used to create the Named Foes, others are just additions.

20 printable monster cards featuring the Named Foes are also included to add to your collection of creeps, and are featured in the image above.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Miserable Wrecking Wreckers: Brother

Brother is a Dark Cultist that works alone. He wanders from settlement to stronghold, using his Memorization ability to sew discord and destruction. His ultimate goal is to get all the beings in the Great Ruined World to kill one another. While this seems to be happening anyway, it's just taking too long for Brother.

Brother's abilities are boosted by his "potent" descriptor, and of course if he gets into trouble he can always summon a Radiation Golem to run interference while he escapes.

Brother is a great "drop in" villain, either working behind the scenes or directly against the characters.
He could even be used to compel the characters to play out an adventure that is contrary to their natures, or best interests.

Miserable Wrecking Wreckers: Runway Jane

Jane was an idea I had for the card game, so long ago, but trying to draw her never ended well. She always ended up too thin or "too" something else, and I never actually drew the card.

I like the idea of characters interacting with her, and the fact that she keeps coming back, even after being destroyed, makes her a fun antagonist to throw at them. Also, she remembers every time the characters kill her. I can see her being a serious threat early on, but changing over time to a clever nuisance once the characters have out-leveled her. 

I went back and forth about how to destroy her (true love, force her to see her own reflection without the mask, etc.), but the space constraints on the page force me to go with themes that are more concise, and that rely on less exposition.

Jane uses a new descriptor "Eternal" which allows her to reappear in the world in 1d4 days.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Another Miserable Wrecker: Sleeke

This is the sketch to line drawing to stroked to colorized process for one of the creeps in "Miserable Wrecking Wreckers". Sleeke is representative of a new "Monster Type", the "Gato". Like Ratlings and Lizard-Folk, Gatos can often be found living among surviving humans in settlements and strongholds. Sleeke is designed to harass characters in these settings.

As with other new "Monster Types" introduced in the book, stats and a description for standard "Cat-folk" are included in a "New Waste-Land Beasts" section after all of the Named villains pages.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Lost and Forgotten now available

"Waste-land Beasts and How to Kill Them Presents: The Lost and Forgotten (vol. 1)" is now available!

This 22 page book contains Monster Cards not previously included in "Waste-Land Beasts", as well as rules for resting in various environments, new gear, new Marvelous Items, a new schematic, and new Melee Weapons.
It's "Pay What You Want".
You can grab it here.