Saturday, February 25, 2017

Wasted Hack Update #3

The update for "Waste-Land Beasts and How to Kill Them" is complete. I have made enough changes to this title to make it a "second edition". It will still be considered "just an update" on OBS, so anyone who already has a copy will be sent an invitation to grab the new version for free once I upload it.

I am nearing the finish line with "The Wasted Hack". I am currently working on the Game Master section, which incorporates some of the rules I developed for "The Unearthed Hack", as well as the default bestiary (different monsters than those included in "Waste-Land Beasts", notes on settlements/ strongholds/ enclaves including prices for repairs and crafting items/ NPCs/ etc.

I am indexing the book for the creation of the table of contents

I am also nearly done with a level one adventure for the game, with the goal of releasing the update for "Beasts", "The Wasted Hack", and "The Trouble With Gerald" together. The Hack gets finished first, and worst case scenario I release the adventure shortly thereafter.

A Dumbfire rocket being launched. I hope it hits
 'cause those things aren't cheap!

 The Math Wizard for the 2nd Edition of "Waste-Land Beasts".

Meat Smiths can help characters recover HP faster, and some can even
restore attribute points lost to level drain or serious injury.

The Plasma Gorgon in three glorious colors!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Wasted Hack Update #2

Lots of progress between The Wasted Hack, and the update to Waste-land Beasts in the past few days... Vehicle rules are complete, Marvelous Items now include Mutagens (think potions), Future-Tech weapons and gear, and Relics (other-worldly magic items). Rocket and Grenade Launchers have also been added (how I overlooked those I don't know).

Rules for gaining and using Luck Points are complete, and I have added new content to Waste-Land Beasts including a third creature modification table, and a bonus character class for use with The Wasted Hack: The Beast Hunter.  This class specializes in a particular type of beast ( humanoid, robot, undead, other, beast, or insectoid) and gains advantages against them, along with a slew of other special abilities that can be gained over time appropriate for a hunter/ tracker/ survivalist type. The update is only three illustrations away from being complete!

The Crystaline get a new look in the update.

My favorite Mutant in color

Ratling Murderer Redux

Fungoid Princess, now with fewer leg stalks.

New human soldier, because I stole the image from Waste-land beasts 
for use in The Wasted Hack in the Veteran Class template.

The Blood Hawk is finished.

Standard, run of the mill Ratling with some left over "post office" pants

The Savage illustration colorized and tweaked.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Wasted Hack Update.

About five months ago I lost a wrecking ton of files when Windows 10 stopped recognizing me. In the end my hard drive was reformatted. My file management practices were terrible at the time, and it was a costly lesson to learn, in terms of lost time and work.

The good news is that I was able to recover almost all of the lost files from the hard drive about two weeks ago. I have everything backed up on a personal cloud storage device, and two other hard drives. When not working on the One Page Dungeon Contest stuff over the past two weeks, I have been working on "The Wasted Hack", as well as updating "Waste-Land Beasts and How to Kill Them" so that the two have the same visual style and format. "Waste-Land Beasts" also had a larger format, so I had to rework all of the pages and text to match the smaller layout of "The Wasted Hack", which is 6x9.

Since renewing my work on "The Wasted Hack", I have moved away from the original Black and White/ Grayscale aesthetic, and created a masterpage with some aged paper effects.

The page spread to the left is from the reworked "Waste-Land Beasts and How to Kill Them" book.

I have recreated the Scrub Yeti image to match the artwork in "The Wasted Hack". The Math Wizard image has not been updated in this picture.

All of the text and layout for "Waste-Land Beasts" is complete. I only need to finish the artwork.I will update the book at the same time I release "The Wasted Hack", which will be soon.

The Robot Warhound has been rendered in color for the new "Beasts" update.

 A vehicle image from the Driving Rules section of "The Wasted Hack"  All rules
 for vehicles (building/ modifying/ arming/ chases/ combat) are complete aside from a 
small section on repairs which is nearly complete.

Combat rules for Modern era weapons, as well as Future-Tech items are complete. 

 Equipment tables including everything from field trauma kits and radiation detectors 
to hard mounted machine guns and janky power cells are complete. 

A new bestiary in The Wasted Hack is in progress, and includes all new foes as well as enemy vehicles for players to tangle with in the same format as "Waste-Land Beasts".