Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Wasted Hack

I have the cover design for the game, as well as classes and rules for mutations (There is a chance of mutation each time a character levels), as well as vehicles and have begun implementing many of the wonderfully strange creatures from the card game project.

I have also begun working on an adventure for the game, and I am actually much further along with it than the actual game at this point.  I will likely release it first, as there are already a number of Hacks in existence, and the adventure should work with the Post Apocalypse themed versions out there.

In the even that I do release the adventure first (most likely) I will include an explaination of any "Wasted Hack" specific rules in sort of a "fast play" style so they can be used or converted to another system.

I am updating the progress on the DungeonContest.Com site under the "Shattered Pike Studios" tab at the top!blank/z8mm4