Saturday, November 11, 2017

Miserable Wrecking Wreckers: Runway Jane

Jane was an idea I had for the card game, so long ago, but trying to draw her never ended well. She always ended up too thin or "too" something else, and I never actually drew the card.

I like the idea of characters interacting with her, and the fact that she keeps coming back, even after being destroyed, makes her a fun antagonist to throw at them. Also, she remembers every time the characters kill her. I can see her being a serious threat early on, but changing over time to a clever nuisance once the characters have out-leveled her. 

I went back and forth about how to destroy her (true love, force her to see her own reflection without the mask, etc.), but the space constraints on the page force me to go with themes that are more concise, and that rely on less exposition.

Jane uses a new descriptor "Eternal" which allows her to reappear in the world in 1d4 days.