Monday, November 14, 2016

Cult of the Fallen Star Conversion (Black Hack)

Clip Studio Paint sketch | Pen tool/ Live Paint/
Knife tool in Illustrator | Frenden Wash brush

Ta'akese Wand

((Black Hack Variant))

"A metallic object with a trigger similar to a crossbow, but lacking a lathe or any obvious means of propelling a bolt...Perhaps it is some manner of wand?"

-------OPEN GAME CONTENT-------
This futuristic side arm is dependent upon a remote power source. While within Distant range of the power source, the "wand" can be used to fire a pulse of energy every turn without a need for "ammo" Usage Die checks. If the "wand" is not within Distant range of a power source, it simply will not function.

Alternatively, the "wand" can be overcharged as an attack action to deliver a more powerful blast, but must be used on the following action or the "wand" will discharge the energy. Overcharged shots will knock a "Human Sized" or smaller opponent down on "even" Attack Test results.

Range (up to Far-Away)| Damage 1d6/ +2 for overcharge shot| Use: All Classes| Special: Overcharged Shots knock "human sized" opponent down on "even" Attack Test results./ No need for "ammo" when within Distant range of a power source or node. Beyond this range, the wand will not function.
                                      -------END OPEN GAME CONTENT-------

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