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The Bastard (Black Hack) VI

The Bastard

((Black Hack Variant))

The Bastard quickly rose through the ranks of the guard and embraced the moniker once given to him as an insult. As the Captain of the Guard, the Bastard truly lives up to his name, and adventurers would do well to avoid him if at all possible.

The Bastard has elevated the members of the guard, once viewed as little more than thugs who lacked the intelligence to learn a trade, to one of the most feared, powerful, and privileged groups within the town.

While the town guard have no jurisdiction over the prison mines, the Bastard has the authority to sentence "lawbreakers", and many innocents have died in the mines for a perceived slight, or for a handful of coin.

-------Open Game Content-------

The Bastard (Warrior Level 7)

HP: 43 | AP: 5 (Studded Leather)
STR: 15, DEX 12. CON 12. INT 14, WIS 11, CHA 13
Special Features:

The Bastard can regain d8 HP once per hour, while in combat

The Bastard can make 7 melee attacks per turn (based on level)

Once per combat, the Bastard can completely block a melee attack with his club.

Equipment: Studded Leather, Iron shackles, Dagger, "Persuasion"*

The Bastards "beating stick" is a smooth rod of nearly indestructible metal (a piece of scrap from the wrecked star ship) with a leather wrapped grip and strap.  Persuasion deals +1 damage to melee attacks, and due to its "otherworldly" nature, can harm creatures only affected by magic.


The Bastard: HD: 7 (43) | AP 6 | Specials and Abilities: 3 club attacks (2d8), CON save or knocked unconscious.

Town Guard (typical)
HD 1 (4) | AP: 5 (leather and shield) | Specials and Abilities: Guard member may "sunder" their shields, as per the Warrior Special Ability in "The Black Hack".
Gear: Broadsword (d4 damage) or Shortbow (d4 damage), leather armor, small shield.

Town Guard (Veteran)
HD 2 (8) | AP: 6 (Studded Leather and Shield) | Specials and Abilities: "Sunder" shield as above/ +1 damage to attacks.
Gear: Broadsword/ Spear/ or Shortbow (d6 damage), Studded leather, Small Shield.


If (when) player characters run afoul of the the town guard, the will eventually have to deal with the Bastard.  He perceives courtesy as weakness, but will likely shake the party down for a fine of 2d6 coins.  If the party members pay up, he will likely find more reasons to fine them as long as they remain in town.  If the party refuses to pay, he will jail them for a period of 2d6 days with little food and constant harassment. When the party is released, all tests will be at disadvantage until they have had a chance to rest for 8 hours.

If the party is confrontational, the Bastard will feel a small degree of respect for them, and will let them off with a warning, but will later reconsider the slight, and within d4 days will return to confront the party again.

If the party engages in combat with the Bastard and his guards, (the party will likely lose), any survivors will be jailed, and then transferred to the mine prison within d6 days.

The simplest way to deal with the Bastard is to continue paying his "fines" whenever encountered.

If the party is able to defeat the Bastard and let him live, he will quickly leave, but will have guards attempt to kill the party in their sleep within d4 nights. These attacks will continue until the party leaves the town, or the Bastard is killed.

If the Bastard is killed, the position of the town guard will be diminished, and the characters will be held in higher esteem with the townsfolk (advantage on CHA tests/ but disadvantage on CHA tests with members of the guard). The characters will also be free of further harassment from the town guard.

-------End Open Game Content-------

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