Thursday, November 17, 2016

Cult of the Fallen Star "Vigilance" (Black Hack)

The town of Vigilance is overseen by Haldemous Greyfish, a minor noble who has ceded much of his power and responsibility to others. Prisoners are brought in to serve their sentences in nearby mining pits, and iron, gemstones, and precious metals are exported. The prisoners are overseen by The Watch, a regiment of royal guards, and two independent mining companies.

The town is often enveloped in heavy, soot laden fog courtesy of the nearby "burning mountain" and the bloomeries in the South end used in smelting.

Low Town:
The adventuring party will likely spend a great deal of time in Low Town. There are fewer guards, lodging is cheap and prices in general are low compared to other sections of town.

To the left, a partial list of daytime random encounters in Low Town can be seen.  Numbers 4-9 are intentionally left blank.

Any suggestions for Low Town residents to fill these spaces?