Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Buddy can you spare a dime, or a lung, or a liver...

I first read about neomorts in "Out Of This World: The Illustrated Library of the Bizarre and Extraordinary" Volume 14. I can't remember where I got this book, or even when I got it, but I have been lugging it around with my books for quite a while now.

Other topics in the book include:
- A watch that can monitor your perspiration, pulse and blood pressure by 2001!
-Deja Vu: Glimpses into a past life
-Anne Bonny and Mary Read: More bloodthirsty than male pirates!
-"What happened to the Headless Spy?"
-Madame Kitty's brothel in Berlin bugged by the Gestapo
-The car of the future won't accelerate unless it decides it is safe, and may ban you from driving and lock you out!" -and many, many more.

The neomort story stuck with me and I always hoped I would find a way to use it before my kids discovered and subsequently destroyed the book, erasing it from my memory.