Tuesday, April 28, 2015

One Thing: The Thirteenth Dancer

This is a very interesting One Page Dungeon. I can't decide if I have more sympathy for the devil the bird men have imprisoned, or the bird men themselves who will likely be slaughtered by the party for the shiny things they have collected...

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One Thing: "The Thirteenth Dancer" by Adam Watts

One thing I love about this dungeon is the setup around area "3". There is a curved shaft that allows the Blackbirds to meditate and scribe the whispered ramblings of the demon they have imprisoned, but protects them from his direct gaze, and the curse it bestows.  This is very atmospheric and well crafted. The amount of description is just about perfect for the one page dungeon format. It really gives a game master a lot to work with, and is evocative and intriguing.  This whole scenario is morally ambiguous. Are the blackbirds "good", or the lesser of two "evils"? Is there any hope of redemption for the Whisper Man? What are the Blackbirds doing with the prophecies they are recording? Man, I would love to find out as a player!