Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Seeking revenge at the end of the world

Ike is understandably angry. He lost everything in the months after the great destruction. Now he scours the ruins of the great city looking for a little old fashioned revenge.No faction is safe, as all have wronged him in some manner.

At first glance Ike is a nightmare to fight, but let him beat the hell out of you, and you can let slip the "name" of another player. Ike can be bounced around from player to player until he is finally dealt with, but no "tag backs" which makes him something of a death sentence in a two player game.

I originally thought of making the "Ike" role one taken up by a player, working as a saboteur against all the other players, but gameplay changed and all the players are out to get one another anyway, so this "role" was no longer necessary.

Another opponent sensitive to electricity, the Stalker has the chance to catch you on your next turn even after you escape. There are a few cards that a variants of the "unstoppable robot" theme.