Sunday, May 17, 2015

Fallen Deader

The Deaders are, in fact, not dead. They aren't even undead. But their leader is. They follow an infected WarMaiden who has retained more of her human nature than most. Unfortunately, in life, she was something of a a terror and could have done with the clean slate that "undeath" often brings.

The Fallen Deader has failed to measure up in some way, or has displeased "Her Undying Grace" in some manner and has been cast out to fend for himself. Few survive for long, and fewer still manage the complete the journey to the ruined city.

The Fallen Deader will drop before the infected character, and become a devoted follower. This is represented "in game" by adding the encounter card to the "Infected" player's hand and then discarding to gain a boost in combat, or to absorb an Insta-Kill (when an opponent rolls double sixes against a player). If the Infected player does not have hand space due to wounds, or chooses not take this card, the Deader is added to the encounter card discard pile. This is an example of cards that are designed to benefit a particular "character faction".