Monday, May 18, 2015

One Thing: Slave Hold of the Ogre Mage

"Slave Hold of the Ogre Mage" by Dave Zajac

One thing I love about this OPD is the clean, classic look. The cartography is slick, simple, and well placed. The three column layout feels professional. I guess I like everything about this adventure except room #8.  This is the controversial room that features a graphic depiction of sexual assault on a female NPC. I remember reading about this in a post on DaddyRolleda1, but didn't know offhand which submission they were referring to.

Because the One Page Dungeons are licensed under creative commons, I was able to make a "derivative" of the original under the same license.  I tried my best to preserve the look and feel, and to cut and replace the bare minimum number of words needed to change room #8.

To do this,I "placed" the One Page Dungeon in a blank Indesign document, and added some white blocks over the aforementioned text.  I then used the same font and made the smallest changes I could to eliminate the references that I feel hurt an otherwise solid OPDC submission. I burned a PDF, and threw it up on a google drive.  If you want the original, then head over to the One Page Dungeon site and grab it.

If you want a version that is nearly identical to the original, but does not include rape, then click below to grab a copy.

Get the edited version here.