Friday, May 15, 2015

One Thing: Tower of the Fox

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"Tower of the Fox" by Daniel Dean

One thing I love about this OPD is the large array of tapestries within the tower. Each of the tapestries represents a "pocket dimension" or small game world that can be entered in pursuit of a fleeing fox. There are twenty tapestries the fox can choose from ( as determined by a die roll and a chart). The party must complete a strange "side quest" in order to emerge from the tapestry. These range from slaughtering an innocent "in the service of a strange god" to caring for a sick child who, it seems, is some manner of doppleganger.  It is possible that the party may have to enter more than one of these, depending on the situation and the game master I suppose.  The setup reminds me a bit of a "deck of wondrous things".