Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Agony of (2)d(6)-feat

Two-Dee-Six, oh Two-Dee-Six, how I want to love you for your simplicity. Sometimes, when it is just the two of us, when we aren't afraid to just be ourselves and can let our barriers down it feels right. It feels like we are going to make it. But then that asshole Seven shows up again and again, and I am reminded that it will never be just us. I can understand not getting twos or twelves very often. I am a reasonable man, but what about elevens or threes. When was the last time I got a ten, not to mention a four? No, it is clear to me now that your heart belongs to Seven.

Man, I have wrestled with a 2d6 system for months. I came up with loads of tricks to try and compensate for the drag to the middle, some of them were good, some of them were garbage. but at the end of the day, it was a mixed bag that didn't do what I needed or wanted. What I wanted was FATE, but without the shared world building, aspects, compels, advantage gaining,etc. Which is to say that what I wanted was FUDGE. I mean, I wanted to use FATE on general principle. I like the transparency of Evil Hat games, I like the community they have built, and in general I would say I am a pretty big fan of the company. But If i wanted to use FATE as the base for the game I have in mind, I would end up stripping it down to the point where "powered by FATE" would be nothing more than a label. Damn, I really wanted to see that on a cover...oh well.

The image above is a character sheet I worked up and then very purposefully made generic. As one can tell from the bottom, it is built on the FUDGE system. The image below is the original character sheet concepts I came up with over a year ago, while still infatuated with the notion of 2d6

I tried to keep some of the design aspects I liked from the older versions, but above all I needed a sheet that was printable (usable), and one that would accommodate the FUDGE rules.