Sunday, August 7, 2016

Wasteland Creatures and How to Kill Them

While I continue to work on "The Wasted Hack", incorporating the ideas from the card game project, I have put together a 27 page book of "Post-Apocalyptic Foes" for use with "The Black Hack" and Rpgs built with it (like The Wasted Hack once it is complete).

The book features 52 "monsters", Three tables that list their vitals in a manner consistent with "The Black Hack" for quick use, and a table of descriptors that can be attached to a creature to make it more or less powerful. 

 The PDF is fully bookmarked, and includes 22 "monster" illustrations. 

It is available now for $3 from my Gumroad Page

and will be available via OBS (rpgnow/ drivethru) on Tuesday for the same price.