Friday, September 23, 2016

Pregen Characters for Black Hack "Stand Alone" Adventure

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One of the projects I am working on is a stand alone Fantasy Adventure that includes a "fast play" subset of the Black Hack rules. Everything a GM and players need to play the game as a One shot (or a two or three shot depending on how fast a group typically progresses) will be included.

The adventure comes with eight pregen characters. All four classes from The Black Hack are included, as well as four variant classes built upon each core class.  The images in this post feature a "standard warrior", and a variant of the Conjurer.

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Each character has some special item or ability included in their "notes" section. Volkier the Warrior gains a bonus when using his dagger as a thrown weapon, and Elore the Wizard has a familiar that improves his ability to notice things in the dark.

The Adventure begins in the small town of Vigilance, where the occupants have stood watch over a dormant evil for three generations. The townsfolk do not welcome outsiders often, and no visitors are permitted to remain longer than a single night.