Saturday, March 25, 2017

Factions in the Ruined World

While "The Wasted Hack" can be used to role play in any post apocalyptic setting, from a ruined version of the players' hometowns or countries of origin to worlds taken out of popular fiction and film, it does come with a default "Ruined World" setting inspired by the card game project the RPG evolved from.

In addition to a number of important locations (such as Snail-Town which is featured in the solo-play adventure), There are several factions briefly discussed in the rulebook as well.


Feared, hated, and at best tolerated, Infected survivors often struggle to exist alongside non-infected humans.  Members of the HereAfter seek to find answers concerning the origin of the anthropomorphic virus released during the End Times War.  Some believe they are searching for a cure, while others believe they wish to share their “special curse” with all that remains of humanity.


A secret association of cultists obsessed with ending the suffering of the wounded world. Members of the End believe in the existence of a weapon system that was never deployed during the End Times Wars. Often hidden in plain sight, members of The End pursue this lost technology at any cost.


Claiming roots to an official military regiment that fought in the End Times War, the Sword is a ragtag band of mercenary soldiers that sell their services to the highest bidder. Members of the Sword are just as likely to defend a settlement against raiders as they are to aid the raiders in breaching the settlement’s walls.  The Sword has access to heavy firepower and “world before” military vehicles and equipment.


Little is known about these bizarre monks that have recently been discovered wandering the Big Nothing. A consensus on their purpose is hard to reach considering they all seem to suffer from some manner of insanity and do not give straight answers when interrogated or tortured.

What is known is that they are deadly unarmed combatants who posses strange abilities not witnessed in others in the ruined world.


Inhabiting the fringes of the Big Nothing, often lurking in radioactive foothills, large numbers of mutants greedily eye the human settlements scattered throughout the sands.

The Mutants typically have tribal social structures, and are just as likely to kill one another as they are humans. It is prophesied they will one day unite and enslave or devour (depending on the prophet) all of humankind.