Sunday, March 19, 2017

Raiders and Gangers

I am working on the "Game Master" section of "The Wasted Hack", which includes rules the players don't need to know as well as "default" setting information.

Among notable locations, I am providing some notes that go beyond "monster descriptions" in the bestiary section concerning larger groups of antagonists.

The image to the left is representative of a group of raiders known as the "Deaders".  If you grabbed a copy of Waste-Land Beasts and How to Kill Them", you might be familiar with the "Fallen Deader" already.

Deaders worship/ follow a charismatic and powerful Litch known as "The Grey Queen".  Their numbers are made up almost entirely of humans, cast off from other raider clans or "liberated" from settlements that employ slave labor.

Painting themselves to resemble skeletons or other forms of undead, the Deaders travel in smaller groups looting and pillaging supplies, but unlike other raider clans they often strip a settlement clean and haul away everything useful when they leave.

It is rumored that there is a vast encampment somewhere in the Big Nothing where the Grey Queen is amassing a force large enough to overrun even the most heavily fortified city.