Saturday, August 12, 2017

Lizard-Folk Character Class

The "Bubb's Diner" adventure includes a couple "Unlock-able" game features, if the characters discover/ enable them.  At the end of the adventure, the Characters have the opportunity to bring a large tribe of displaced Lizard-Folk back to the "LastBest" zone of the New-Lootis region of the game world.  Doing so will likely cause some tensions among the human survivors who are already struggling to find enough salvage to trade for food, but will also bolster the ranks of combatants willing to take on the Mutants lurking in the nearby mountains and foothills.  It will also allow the players to select from an additional character class when creating new characters in the region.

Lizard-Folk have some natural armor, and can choose from a wide variety of specials that include regenerative abilities and combat specialization, or go the route of a shaman with strange quasi-magical and mental abilities.