Tuesday, September 5, 2017

"Ten Liters" and the Cavalier Class

As "The Wasted Hack" broke 100 pages, it became clear that I would be forced to make some tough choices as to content.  I went back and forth about adding vehicle rules, but in the end, they aren't extremely necessary for "The Wasted Hack", and fit nicely into a supplement.

"Ten Liter" contains all the rules for vehicle combat, ranging from the ultra simple rule of just using Dexterity for everything, to the "standard rules" which use Speed and Handling modifiers to Dex checks based upon the type of vehicle, and its various upgrades.

Also included in "Ten Liter" is a new playable class, the Cavalier.  Cavaliers specialize in driving stunts and vehicle maintenance and repair, but still pack a wollap in melee combat. If the Players are going to use vehicles to get around the Great Ruined World, then no party should be without a Cavalier!

"Ten Liter Vroom & A Ballsitic Therapist" is nearly complete, with rules for upgrading vehicles (engines, fuel tanks, suspensions, and tires), new rules for Armor Plating, Heavy weapons (that deal double damage vs pedestrians), crashes, and repair and maintenance. The only thing missing is a "bestiary" of enemy vehicles.

"Ten Liter" is holding everything up right now.  The Wasted Hack is essentially complete aside from a rigorous proofreading.  I want to release them both at the same time, so I can offer a bundle.  "Ten Liter" isn't a skeezy "cash grab", it will be cheap, and even cheaper when bundled with "The Wasted Hack".