Wednesday, April 22, 2015

One Page Dungeon Contest Countdown: X Minus 8

2011 Entry with Mundi King
This was the first entry I ever worked on/ co-created.  Mundi mentioned this contest and we worked on it separately. I think I might have printed off a rough draft that we looked over once, but that was probably after it was compiled and submitted. Mundi had the idea that entry needed a good hook, or gimmick to catch the attention of the judges, and wanted to make something along the lines of a "Dungeon Overlord".

I worked up the map and the art, and we co-wrote it.  It introduced a wizard named Meckwick, a name that would ultimately be described as "too cartoonish" when we tried to do more with the character.

Looking back at it, I am pretty proud of my freshman effort in the contest, as I was still fumbling around with the Adobe Creative Suite and Intuos I had recently purchased.
The Intuos eventually developed a dead spot and I replace it with a cheap monoprice tablet that I actually prefered in a lot of ways (I have since replaced that with a 19" Monoprice interact pen display and I am pretty happy about that).

Of all the entries I have submitted over the past few years, this one is probably still my favorite.
You can grab a copy of it here

The biggest challenge we faced was trying to get everything on one page without using a font size so small as to be unreadable.  It seems like the font sizes used in entries have gotten smaller over the years in general, but my eyes just don't dig it.

I also ended up making lots of little drawings and monsters that never had a chance of fitting on the page. I think I may have tried to repurpose them in a project that never saw the light of day.