Thursday, April 23, 2015

OPDC: X Minus 7

The 2012 Entry was sort of a continuation of the "story" in the first entry, in as much as "Meckwick" made a return. This one was something of a random dungeon generator complete with cut out dice and encounter tables.  The theme was that Meckwick would send the party into a pocket dimension (the Blissful hexahedron) to defeat some enemies he had trapped inside, fearing they would eventually escape and take their revenge upon him.

You can get it here

Table of Contents Illo from
the adventure module.
Looking back on them, I think I prefer the look and feel of the first entry more, but I had a lot less space to work with with those damnable dice I had to make.

Mundi and I turned this thing into an adventure module that never really saw the light of day and even now lies cold and alone over at Drivethru.

Mundi wanted to go with a geomorph theme, as we had been making some geomorphs together for a bit by this point, so that was sort of the hook behind this entry. I was pretty impressed with the art and layout at the time, but looking back at it I'm a bit "meh". I guess that is a good thing.