Monday, April 27, 2015

One Thing: "Medusa's Safe House"

It is pretty easy to find things to poke fun at and write about.  If you have put yourself under pressure to publish a lot of blogs, this tactic probably looks pretty inviting. I don't care for this myself, and I have been pretty vocal about it at times. That tactic proved about as useful as knocking down a hornet nest with my head, and about as painful I would imagine. Instead, I am going to look at One Page Dungeons that have been submitted over the past few years, and talk about "One Thing" I love about each one.  I am going to start with last year's competition, and work my way through them in the order they are presented on the download page over at

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"Medusa's Safe House" by Andrew Aultman, Alaric and Robin McKenzie-Boone

One thing I love about this dungeon is location #7. There is a steep stairwell surrounded by channels of flowing water, and it reads like the water is spilling over the stairs themselves. This makes negotiating the stairs a tricky affair, and sets the scene for an attack by humanoid snake creatures. I love that the creators included the text "making the steps treacherous for people with feet". This gives the snake creatures a huge advantage, being able to freely maneuver around the party, attacking from all sides with water being slung and splashed into their faces. This battle could end up being hilarious, or tense and cinematic. Either way you win.