Monday, April 27, 2015

OPDC: X Minus 3

2011 Entry with Mundi King

Looking back at  the contests/ timeline
2012 Entry with Mundi King

 2011: Meckwick' Revenge

"Like trying to teach myself how to perform open heart surgery  with YouTube"

I probably had thirty versions of this thing before labeling one of them "final" and submitting it to the contest.

-First time working with Mundi on a project.

-Wife gets in Doctoral Program at BU, I get hired to teach first grade in Hartford. We move to CT all around this same time.
2013 Entry with Mundi King
2014: "Riding the Pine"

2012: Meckwick's Pair O'Dice

Once Random Wizard is a household name, this will definitely be representative of his "geomorph period".

-papercraft geomorph die that rolls for sh*t, but a clever idea.
-a couple of my favorite NPC's (by my, thought up by me) of all time. Mundi and I really fleshed these guys out in the module. My wife asked me why I don't link to this product in the blog. After all, we worked on it forever and I still think it is pretty good (although like most things in hindsight, I could do it so much better now). I guess my only response is "It's personal".

2013: Old Guard Tower

"You have a handful of mundane items and a horde of orcs heading your way. MacGuyver your way out of this one."

-Last time working with Mundi on a project.
-Daughter is in kindergarten, I teach kindergarten, my whole world is kindergarten.

-a four year old tells me she is going to bring her daddy's gun to school and shoot me in the heart, and then mimics a kill shot with her hand (BAP BAP BAP). I secretly begin to hate Kindergarten.

2014: No Entry

-Asked to be a judge in the contest, I blog about it and then get politely asked not to be a judge and end up feeling like a dick.

-Decide not to enter contest, but make some posters and whatnot for it.

-Son is now in Kindergarten. I still teach kindergarten. I get bit, and hit in the nuts about a hundred times, but at least no child threatens to murder me this year.

2015 Entry: I'm flying solo.

2015: Milk Run

"Man I use to love playing this stupid game"
-My first "solo" entry
-oddly enough this comes indirectly from a retro-clone fantasy adventure I am slowly working on and talk about on my other blog and the card game I am working on.
-"barebones" by design, and likely to a fault, but easily my favorite entry of the four.
-I turn 44 today. I asked my wife for some Blambot fonts and some Crtl+Paint videos. I guess I will alway be that  gap toothed fat boy who wished he was robin hood...