Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Iron Cloud

Part of a poster I started making for this year's contest, before
I decided to submit an entry.
There are 36 entries listed on as I am typing this. Many of them are shrouded in mystery, as there is no link associated with the creators, but some of those are easy to get a sneak peak at with a little searching.  And they look good.

I imagine we will get a lot more entries, and our hands on a lot more great free content, in this final week. I plan to feature my entry on the blog later today. I have been working on some bonus content for my entry, but I won't have that done by the time I make "Milk Run" available for download.

Man there have been a lot of great dungeons over the past few years. Last year's competition was particularly great. There is one dungeon that I think about often, and I believe it was submitted in the 2013 competition.  "Iron Cloud" by Caelum Roberts.  (you can get it here) It won for "Best Sci-Fi"  This one is one of my all time favorites. Caelum didn't submit an entry last year, but I am hoping he puts something out this year. Below are some images I made for papercraft miniatures to go along with this submission, for use with the "One Page Dungeon Crawl".

Chainsaw Naga

Mitsubishi 4X4
Blink Weasel
Cannibal Caveman


Flying Vampire Squid
Rocket Knight