Saturday, April 25, 2015

OPDC: X Minus 5

Losyn, spawned from mad
respect for the inspiration.
So when the 2014 OPDC rolled around, Mundi took over as the organizer. Of course this meant that we would not be submitting an entry together. I kicked around a few ideas, and was working on an "dungeon" that tipped its hat to some of the cats I consider to be key content creators in the community. For instance, the drawing of a small dragon to the left is one that no one has ever seen before. This is Losyn, the "cross hatchling", a reference to an extremely prolific and talented cartographer in our midst. The drawing was created for the entry that never was.

I didn't get very far before I thought better of entering the contest, considering Mundi and I had always submitted entries together, and he was running it. Even though it would have been totally above board it just felt like maybe I should just sit one out.

Download "One Page Dungeon Crawl" and
"One Page Dungeon Shamble" for free.
Instead, I put together a few posters for last year's contest, and a couple "promotional" adventures using entries from the previous years contests.

These are no longer on RPG.Now, but I found the originals and threw the PDF's in a Google folder.

You can get them here

Check tomorrow's post for my One Page Dungeon Contest 2015 entry.