Sunday, May 17, 2015

One Page Dungeon Contest/ One Thing: Weekly Roundup

I have been having an issue with my posts being labeled as spam in this(One Page Dungeon Contest) community, and Alex has been approving each of them manually. In an effort to work around the problem, I have stopped sharing the posts when I publish them, and will simply share one post with links to this community, as suggested by Claytonian JP. Click below each image to go to the original post.


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Sunday, 17MAY15
One Thing: Beneath Castle Blackhawk: Nice, classic red box feel to this One Page Dungeon.

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Saturday, 16MAY15
One Thing: The Witch of the Well
There is no spoon...

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Friday, 15MAY15
One Thing: The Tower of the Fox
Catch a fox by the tail, if you can...

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Thursday, 14MAY15
One Thing: The Book of True Names
The whole dungeon is a puzzle.

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Wednesday, 13MAY15
One Thing: The Wizard Returns
Crash landing on a game table (hopefully yours) near you!

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Tuesday, 12MAY15
One Thing: The Devil's Teapot
Better stock up on climbing gear before this one.

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Monday, 11MAY15
One Thing: Den of the Dreamers
a bunch of people chain smoking in a casino? That sounds about right. Nice location!