Sunday, May 3, 2015

One Thing: The Resurrection of the Bastine

One thing I have learned going through these entries so far, there are a lot of folks named Alex that like to make dungeons...

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"The Resurrection of the Bastine" by Alex Welk

One thing I love about this One Page Dungeon is the setup. It is a clever take on the escort quest, where you have little to no control over a cat that must be guided through a dungeon filled with traps designed specifically to attract cats. The players will have to use creative thinking to get the cat past some of the obstacles, and this will definitely encourage brainstorming around the gaming table. I couldn't think of a clear way to navigate some of the "cat" perils as I read through the dungeon, and would look forward to hearing what the other players in my group had to say. The difficulty is offset by the fact that the cat is immortal, and respawns at the beginning of the dungeon, which allows the party to try new strategies if the previous effort resulted in cat-death.