Monday, May 4, 2015

One Thing: The Temple of Blood and Wine

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"The Temple of Blood and Wine" by Aljoscha Krawulsky

One Thing I love about this One Page Dungeon is the carefully crafted imbalance of available black insanity stones and red drunkenness stones needed to access the final area/ "win" the adventure. The black stones are very easy to come by, but getting three red stones is much more difficult, and if the characters are greedy and try to kill the skeletons in room five they will never have enough red stones to open the room to area 9.

Area 3 is a possible source for the third stone, but there is just as likely a chance (1/6) that an existing stone will be removed from the party here. The solution to this puzzle isn't straightforward (which is a good thing), linear, or predictable.