Sunday, July 23, 2017

Playtest Adventure to become first "Module".

Cover art for the adventure.
The playtest adventure went really well, so well that it has bumped out "The Trouble With Gerald" as the first adventure I am going to put out.

"Bubb's Diner" is a first level adventure that begins in a ratling compound in the first level of "The Downs", a subterranean outpost and "starter home" for the party of adventurers.

The adventure shifts locations to the scrub wastes, and eventually the eponymous diner, filled with fanatical Lizard-Folk.

Players begin in the middle of a firefight, and flashback cards given each time they enter a new room explain how they ended up knee-deep in ratling murderers.

The adventure is designed for the "soon to be released" Wasted Hack, but will work with any game that uses "The Black Hack" core rules.

To the left, you can see the cover illustration freshly slapped into InDesign.