Friday, July 28, 2017

The Wampadu

A Bonus Wampadu Card for your collection!
In part two of the playtest, characters traveled from "The Downs" (Marked by a star on the map), to the hex "zone" known as R-E-NAH, to the SouthEast.  Instead of choosing a night of rest, they decided to engage in an "Amateur Hour" event, hoping to score four coupons for one night of "LUX" in the lowest level of The Downs.  LUX is luxury living, the highlife, the stuff every wastelander dreams of but few every possess the credits to realize.  Characters that rest in LUX gain a 1 hour "around the table/ meta game" bonus of -2 to all rolls.

They faced off against the fearsome Wampadu, an oversized mutant, and just as they were checking their ammo, realized it was a melee-only fight.  Too late to back out, they fought for their lives amidst a stream of phlegm that left most of them fairly debilitated for half of the fight.  Were it not for the Wampadu's extremely low intellect, most or all would surely have perished in the fight.  They all survived the night and grabbed the prize.  With an army of angry ratlings waiting for their return to "The Downs", will they live to redeem their coupons?  It's hard to say at this point.  They pushed on through a third hex between two mountainous regions filled with mutants, and snuck passed the fallen stronghold known as "Smitherine", encountering only a small band of weak "Muties".  Bubbs Diner, and some serious wasteland weirdness still await the party, until the final playtest session in a few days.