Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Playtest sessions complete for Bubb's Diner.

The party completed the playtest adventure.  It was good for three sessions, but we never cover as much ground as I intend.

The characters ran from a towering beast, but ended in an underground lab/lair of a Scientist Prowler, who fired tranquilizer darts at the party while they fought his vivisected abominations.  They were all knocked out  before they could fight their way to the him, and awoke retrained in a small operating room strapped to tables.

The infected character and the savage discovered their right arms had been swapped in one of the Scientist Prowlers experiments. The procedure was successful, but the party managed to escape before the Scientist was able to attempt to swap the heads of the other two characters. They took his research notes, a mutagen canister, and as many rations as they could cram into their packs before heading back to the desert to search for the lost diner.  Unexpectedly, they let the scientist live after overpowering him and recovering all their gear.

The night concluded with the players reaching the diner to find a strange lizard-folk cult awaiting their arrival, as was foretold in a prophecy by their fanatical leader, a strange shaman with telekinetic abilities and regenerative properties. The players uncovered his plot to displace his former tribe, and force them to move into the "New-Lootis" region, and their role as sacrifices before the massive clan arrived.  An incendiary grenade tilted the odds in the favor of the party in the grand melee that ensued, but one character went down in the fight.  The fight ended with two other characters within 1-3 hit points from being out of action themselves.  Encountering the peaceful Lizard-Folk horde, the players marched back across the desert with the refugee Lizards, unlocking them as a playable character class in the region.

Players also unlocked improved medical procedures thanks to the mad scientists notes, and attribute points that are permanently reduced due to being taken "out of action" can be regained for a steep price.

A couple "actions and specials" were overpowered, and adjusted, as well as the difficulty level of the final fight, for the inclusion in the module.

The module will feature the unlocked character class template for playable Lizard-Folk.