Monday, April 13, 2015

Explosive Salvage

The grenade is one of the "salvage" cards that can be collected by defeating a "standard" opponent or through other methods.

The explosion Icon is featured on certain opponent cards, and indicates the number needed to "hit" using an explosive weapon.

Numbers on these icons are always lower than the standard target number indicated on the opponent's "shield" icon, and this indicates that the foe has a particular weakness to this form of attack (explosives are good against robots, for example).

Before combat, the player may place the card on the table from their hand, and it remains in effect until one side or the other is killed, or the player escapes.

To escape, you must make a "hit roll" on 2d6, but you gain a +2 to the total of the dice.  In some cases, it may be better to "toss a grenade" or pipe bomb before attempting to run away to further increase your chances of success (if the opponent is weak vs. explosives.) Explosive Salvage cards have different effects when used against other players, but more on that later...